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Frequently Asked Questions about RettroBand® Wheel Enhancement

What is RettroBand® made from?
Natural Rubber, with an embedded steel band for added reinforcement


What weight Rating are RettroBands tested and rated for?


What sizes are currently available for installation on motorized RVs?
RettroBands are installed on 22.5” Aluminum Rims ONLY: 255, 275, 295, 305, 315, 365


Is there an age restriction on the tires we will install RettroBand on?
Yes, we judge a tires age by a tires date code found on the side wall. Tires with a date code older than 3 years we will inspect those tires for abnormal wear and tear. Tires older than 4 years of age we will respectfully decline installation until new tires are purchased. The reason for this after about 4 years of age, a tires bead becomes more brittle and more susceptible to tearing. We do not want to be responsible for tearing your tire’s bead.


Will there be smaller sized RettroBand available?
Yes, we are currently working on smaller RettroBands to fit smaller motorized RV’s. We do not presently have a date for when those will be available. Check back to the website often for updates.


How long can I drive on a RettroBand once a tire has been compromised?
Once a tire has blown for whatever the reason, it is important to safely make your way to the shoulder of the road. Once stopped, call your preferred emergency road service provider. If it is necessary to drive on the blown tire, short distances at very low speeds can be accomplished. However, the longer you drive on the blown tire, the more likely you are to cause damage to the fiberglass and other structural components of the motorhome.


What is the warranty for my RettroBands?
Your RettroBands have a limited lifetime warranty. When you have a sudden loss of tire pressure on the road, meaning some type of blow-out, you will have a commercial tire installer bring you a new tire. A set of removal instruction will have been provided to you at the time of RettroBand installation. The commercial installer can follow those instructions and will remove the tire, then with a 13mm socket wrench and flathead screw driver remove the old RettroBand. The old band will be placed in the bay of your coach. You will return the band to any of NIRVC location where upon a new RettroBand will be fitted without change.


How do I change my RettroBands when new tires are needed from a maintenance standpoint?
Make an appointment at any NIRVC location nationally. Once the appoint is made you can either have NIRVC quote you on new tires from a 3rd party tre supplier, you can call and have the tires shipped directly to any NIRVC location. You can have the tires sourced anywhere you like and have them shipped directly to an NIRVC location for installation. You can have the drive tires installed at a local tire installation center and bring in the Steer tires for us to install for you. We will just charge the labor time it takes to install the new tires whether that is just the steer tires or all the tires. Just be sure to communicate your needs with your service writer at the time you are making your appointment.


Do you put RettroBands on all the wheels of a motorized RV?
No, we only put RettroBands on the steer tires. Our primary goal with RettroBands is to assist the driver with maintaining control of the vehicle to safely make their way to the shoulder of the road, and to minimize damage to the RV.


When I am quoted a price for RettroBands, what does that price include?
The price you are quote will include the price of the bands to cover a set of RettroBand for your steer tires, installation and balancing. The quote likely will not include local taxes.

Protect What Matters

RettroBand Wheel Enhancements® protect you, your family and your RV in the event of a tire blowout, fitting on ANY tire size. Get an invaluable layer of protection between your life and the road.